ZPLUZ strives to provide the best care possible to our customers. As such, we have implemented a verification system that is in compliance with the FCLCA and Rules for USA and Korea customers. Under the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumer Law (FCLCA), we are required to verify your contact lens prescription. 

We provide few easy methods of verifying your contact lens prescription during your checkout process. The most efficient way is to upload your prescription slip. If you do not have a prescription slip with you, we can verify your prescription directly with your eye care professionals.

1) Upload your Prescription Slip.

You can provide us a copy of your valid prescription written by eye care professionals. You can either scan or snap a picture of your written prescription. Once the prescription is uploaded, we will keep the record for you, you can check out anytime without the need to re-upload again. Providing invalid or inaccurate prescription may result in order cancellation

2) Submit contact detail of your eye care professional/optometrist/optician.

Kindly provide us with the necessary information, name and phone number of your eye care professionals. We will use this information to contact them and verify the accuracy of the prescription. Your eye care professionals has eight-business-hours to respond. If your eye care professionals does not respond within the required time, the prescription is verified automatically, and we may process and ship your order.

My vision hasn’t changed, but my prescription slip expired. Will l still be able to purchase contacts?

You shouldn't order contacts with an expired prescription. You will need a current, valid prescription to make purchase. It’s important to schedule a regular eye exam to protect your eyes and overall health. 

Here at ZPLUZ, we also provide another alternative to renew your prescription. You can get your new contacts prescription from the comfort of home with the Opternative vision test. This online eye exam costs $40 for a contact lens prescription. 
Once you’ve received your new prescription, you can upload it during the checkout process.

Can I purchase contacts online without a prescription?

No, you cannot legally purchase contacts in the United States and South Korea without a valid prescription. Do obtain a valid prescription from your eye care professional in order to make purchase. We advise an eye test at least every two years to make sure you’re wearing the correct prescription as well as to detect early indications of eye conditions.

I want to purchase non-prescription contacts. Do I still need a prescription?

Yes, you still need a current, valid prescription to make purchase. Even for contacts that do not correct your vision, a prescription is required from an eye care professional as non-prescription contacts are still medical devices and subsequently, they cannot be legally purchased in the United States and South Korea without a valid prescription

How To Read Rx

RX Sphere Cylinder Axis BC Dia
OD -2.75 -0.50 180 8.5 14.0
OS -3.00 -0.75 160 8.5 14.0

OD: OD stands for oculus dexter, the Latin phrase for “right eye.” 
OS: OS stands for oculus sinister, the Latin phrase for “left eye.”

If both the left and right eye has the same diagnosis and prescription information, the abbreviation “OU” is used instead, or “ocular uniter,” meaning both eyes.

Sphere (SPH): This indicates the amount of lens power, measured in diopters (D), prescribed to correct myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness). The spherical power of a lens is indicated with a plus sign (+) for hyperopia and a minus sign (-) for myopia. ZPLUZonly supply Myopia lenses at the moment.

Cylinder (CYL): This indicates the amount of lens power for astigmatism. If no cylinder power is noted, either you’ve no astigmatism or your astigmatism is so slight that it is not really necessary to correct it with your eyeglass lenses. ZPLUZ does not sell colored contacts for astigmatism.

Axis: This describes the degree and direction of your astigmatism. The axis is a figure which determines the angle of the correction needed to see clearly, measured in degrees from 1 to 180.

Base Curve (BC): The base curve determines what type of fit is required for the lens to meet the curve of your eye. This is usually written in millimetres or sometimes with the words: flat, median or steep.

Diameter (DIA): The diameter of a lens determines what length of width that best fits your eye. It measures the width of a lens in millimeters, from end to end.


Again, we sincerely appreciate your cooperation and patience throughout this process. Please make sure you have provided accurate prescription information before placing order. If your order does not match your prescription, we will cancel your order and initiate a refund. Please understand that this is the best way we can be sure we have complied with the Federal Law.